Welcome to the Chili Line Depot. 

train05We’re the only game in town…in fact, the only food and lodging for many miles.

We try hard to be the best.

In addition to the restaurant, we have a large (upstairs) bunkroom for groups and three downstairs rooms for guests.

We provide meals, a pool table, and Direct TV in the rooms.

Our large historic, Chili Line Depot building was formerly the bar and dancehall for the old Chili Line Railroad. With 3500 sq ft of hardwood flooring it became the first roller skating rink in New Mexico.  In its 90 year history its been many things including a movie theater, cafe, and boarding house.  We decided that it was time to establish an eatery and lodging in this unique place.

Tres Piedras is surrounded by Carson National Forest with GREAT biking, hiking, horseback riding trails, fishing, camping, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and elk hunting.